Target Adventures: Take 1

Who goes into Target with a list of things to purchase and leaves with a million other things all while forgetting what was on that list? I frequently do just that! On this particular occasion I just needed a dress for church with my family. I ran into Target because it was the only thing … Continue reading Target Adventures: Take 1


The Perfect Summer Booties

I've been on the hunt for a pair of peep-toe, laser-cut, brown booties for months now! They can really tie an outfit together and work perfectly to transition between the seasons. So when I saw these (especially at their affordable price,) I had to jump! They're the Dalston heeled sandals by Dolce by Mojo Moxy. … Continue reading The Perfect Summer Booties

Afternoon Leisure

On a normal weekend or after work, if I'm just running errands, I don't dress up. Typically, I am the one that overdresses for any occasion other than running errands, but today, I'm just comfortable. Lets start with this shirt from Zara. At $12.90, it's such a great deal! It does come in other colors and prints. … Continue reading Afternoon Leisure

Summer Style – Mules

90's girls rejoice! Mules are back this season and ready to rock your summer. Looking to add some of these nostalgic styles to your closet this season? Check out our suggestions based on your budget. Save: The low heel on all of these cuties make them comfortable and perfect for everyday wear with any outfit. … Continue reading Summer Style – Mules