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Get to know the beer budget socialites…

Meet Meghan: Meghan

Meghan is a Virginia Tech graduate that majored in apparel design and merchandising management.  After a few years in retail management she switched gears and now works in human resources.  She continues her love for fashion by owning and operating a small jewelry business called MMonili.

Meghan is constantly researching places to purchase her luxury items at a fabulous discount. She is also an amateur chef, and by amateur chef, we mean she just likes to cook and doesn’t need a recipe or measuring cups. She loves wine, brunch, Disney, tattoos, getting lost in D.C., happy hours, her rescue dog Otto, and finding new experiences to share with the world.

Meet Chelsea:16797621_10155968112424625_7155113391086835237_o

Chelsea is a 20-something Dallas native new to the Washington, D.C area. She graduated from Oklahoma State University in 2014 with a degree in public relations and advertising. By day, Chelsea works in human resources and by night she blogs about her travels and anything she finds just plain interesting.

Chelsea has a love for travel, even if only within the United States. She’s looking to expand her horizons shortly, but you can check out her experiences with work each month when she travels to somewhere new. She loves red dirt country music, her kitty Boone, Texas, the color orange, long road-trips with friends, small beach towns, brunch and making people laugh.

Meet Kiara:


Kiara is a 26-year-old Washington, D.C. native and works full-time at a law firm.  Despite being in a very different industry, one of her many goals in life is to open up her very own consignment shop full of vintage pieces. Her shop will not only consist of clothes but exclusive home decor as well. Let’s be honest, who isn’t inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany’s?

Kiara is able to express herself fashionably in the corporate world. Her style is full of vibrant, eccentric and vintage pieces. She can tell you firsthand that buying designer items on sale is an all-time guilty pleasure. She enjoys getting dolled up and heading to the nearest brunch spot. Every woman deserves bottomless mimosas and cute Snapchat stories on a Sunday morning.